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My Geese

Hi, my name is Primo. Let me tell you a story about Mr. And Mrs. Goose who live nearby.

We have a lot of Canada Geese that live on a golf course behind our forest. They like to swim on the water hazards on the golf course. They raise their families there. They live there all year long.

I can hear the geese all day. Thank goodness they go to sleep at night and don’t make a lot of noise then. My humans wouldn’t like that.

The geese know that they are in an area where they are protected. No hunters are allowed on the golf course or in the neighborhood where my house is. The geese like to live here because they know they are safe.

Mr. and Mrs. Goose and their family like to visit the houses in our neighborhood. They act like they own them! Every morning at sunrise, Mr. and Mrs. Goose fly from their nesting area on the golf course to the roof tops of the houses in our neighborhood. They sit together on top of the roof and honk and honk and honk! They are loud! My humans say that the geese are like roosters. They honk everyone awake in the morning!

The Goose family like to walk around to inspect the neighborhood. Some pictures of them are here. I do not know what they are looking for. Maybe they just like to get some exercise besides flying.

My human read me the story about Onk-Or and his mate, who were geese that lived in Maryland and became famous in the book titled Chesapeake, written by James Michener. That story helped me to learn that geese mate for life. They take care of each other and their children. They protect their eggs and young hatchlings very strongly. They are very dedicated parents to their children, and to each other.

Our geese do not migrate. They live on the golf course behind my house all year long. They like it here. They add enjoyment to my forest. I see them fly over our house. Sometimes there are a lot of geese flying in the air. When there are a lot of them, they form a "V". I guess that because they are geese, they know how to fly in a "V", even if they are not migrating north or south. They are fun to watch.

Thank you for reading my story about our geese, and thanks for visiting Primo’s Window.

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