Primo's Window

Welcome to my window on the world!

Hi, my name is Primo. I am the Fuzzybutt in charge of trees.

This is my window. You can see my silhouette on the shelf where I sit.

My window is high enough to see all the trees in our forest.

Table of Contents to my stories

My friends help me hold up the trees, too. You can see my friend Lion, who is Chief of Security, and Dr. Babette, the Chief Financial Officer for our house, next to me. They help me hold up the trees when they are not doing their other important jobs.

I live with two humans. They own the house and made everything possible for me to enjoy doing my job of holding up the trees in my forest. An elegant lady, one of my human's mothers, has visited my forest twice a year until she peacefully passed away.

My humans like to visit my forest and enjoy nature.

I have other friends who live in the forest all year long. These are my friend Flutter's cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. They tell us "tweet tweet" all the time. They like the food that my humans put out for them.

My humans like to grow plants and flowers under the trees in my forest. I like them, too. They add color and beauty for my view.

The rest of the pictures on this page are of the trees in my forest. We have Tulip Poplar, Maple, Black Locust, Birch, Beech, Sycamore, and Cedar trees. I love my forest, and take care of it every day. I thank my humans for making this all possible. Visit here again in the future. I will tell you stories about my forest, my trees, and my friends like Flutter's Cousins, the Squirrels, the Rabbits, and even what happens when Mr. Fox and Mr. Blacksnake visit.   Love, Primo

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